For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

References for Theme: Market Socialism

  • Arneson, Richard J
    • "Meaningful Work and Market Socialism Revisited" (2009)
      (p.140) Intervening in the market processes to bring about greater satisfaction of the particular preference for meaningful work unfairly privileges certain preferences (and the people to whom they happen to be important) over other preferences (and people), and this is morally wrong. The key point is that there are a great many goods other than meaningful work that people might reasonably pursue via their economic activity. There is no good perfectionist case that meaningful work trumps these other goods, and no good paternalist case that overruling people's own judgements to pursue some mix of goods other than meaningful work would advance...
    • "Meaningful Work and Market Socialism Revisited" (2009)
      (p.144) In some range of these cases, a welfarist egalitarian might be able to block the complaint of the frustrated fans of meaningful work from having a claim to extra resources in response to their frustration, on the ground that it is the fault or voluntary choice of the fans that has placed them in this predicament. But in other cases, this excuse compatible with welfarism for declining to intervene will not be available (see Arneson 2000; 2001; 2007). Suppose these people have come to have a need for meaningful work through prudent and responsible conduct of life, so one cannot...
    • "Meaningful Work and Market Socialism Revisited" (2009)
  • Steiner, Hillel
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