For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

References for Theme: Dio Chrysostom

  • Chrysostom, Dio
    • The Seventh, or, Euboean, Discourse (1932)
      (p.343) I desired to show in some way or other that poverty is no hopeless impediment to a life and existence befitting free men who are willing to work with their hands, but leads them on to deeds and actions that are far better and more useful and more in accordance with nature than those to which riches are wont to attract most men. 
    • The Seventh, or, Euboean, Discourse (1932)
      (p.345) It would now be our duty to consider the life and occupations of poor men who live in the capital or some other city, and see by what routine of life and what pursuits they will be able to live a really good life, one not inferior to that of men who lend out money at excessive rates of interest and understand very well the calculation of days and months, nor to that of those who own large tenement houses and ships and slaves in great numbers!
    • The Seventh, or, Euboean, Discourse (1932)
      (p.347) But let us see what the variety and nature of the occupations are which they are to follow in order to live in what we believe is the proper way and not be often compelled to turn to something unworthy because they are out of work. The occupations and trades in the city, if all are taken into consideration, are many and of all kinds, and some of them are very profitable for those who engage in them if one thinks of money when one says “profitable”. But it is not easy to name them all separately on account of...
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