For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

References for Theme: Charlotte Gilman

  • Gilman, Charlotte Perkins
    • The Home: Its Work and Influence (1910)
      (p.86) Why was woman the first worker? Because she is a mother. All living animals are under the law of, first, self-preservation, and, second, race-preservation. But the second really comes first; the most imperative forces in nature compel the individual to sacrifice to the race. This law finds its best expression in what we call "the maternal sacrifice." Motherhood means giving. There is no limit to this urgency. The mother gives all she has to the young, including life. In many low organisms the sacrifice is instantaneous and complete—the mother dies in giving birth to the young—just lays her eggs and...
    • The Man-Made World: Our Androcentric Culture (2011)
  • Kaplan Daniels, Arlene
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