For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

References for Theme: Charles Fourier

  • Fourier, Charles
    • Unpublished manuscript (1840) in Liberté, vol.1 1787-1825 (2012)
      (p.181) Associative labor, in order to exert a strong attraction upon people, will have to differ in every particular from the repulsive conditions which render it so odious in the existing state of things. It is necessary, in order that it become attractive, that associative labor fulfill the following seven conditions:1. That every laborer be a partner, remunerated by dividends and not by wages. 2. That every one, man, woman, or child, be remunerated in proportion to the three faculties, capital, labor, and talent. 3. That the industrial sessions be varied about eight times a day, it being impossible to sustain enthusiasm longer...
  • Hemmens, Alastair
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