For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

References for Theme: Praxis and Poesis

  • Arendt, Hannah
    • The Human Condition (1958)
      (p.306) ‘What needs explanation is not the modern esteem of homo Faber but the fact that this esteem was so quickly followed by the elevation of laboring to the highest position in the hierarchical order of the vita activa. This second reversal of hierarchy within the vita activa came about more gradually and less dramatically than either the reversal of contemplation and action in general or the reversal of action and fabrication in particular. The elevation of laboring was preceded by certain deviations and variations from the traditional mentality of homo faber which were highly characteristic of the modern age and...
  • Aristotle
  • Gorz, André
  • Markus, György
  • Murphy, James Bernard
  • Pieper, Josef
    • Leisure: The Basis of Culture (1952)
      (p.62) “the world of ‘work’ and the ‘worker’ is a poor, impoverished world be it ever so rich in material good; for on an exclusively utilitarian basis, on the basis that is, of the world ‘work’, genuine wealth, wealth which implies overflowing into superfluidities, into unnecessaries, is just not possible… on the other  hand, divine worship, of its very  nature, creates a sphere of real wealth and superfluity, even in the midst of the direst material want – because sacrifice is the living heart of worship. And what does sacrifice mean? If means a voluntary offering freely given…. It sets up...
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