For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Anarchist economic practices in a'capitalist'society: some implications for organisation and the future of work"

by White, ; Williams, (n.d.)

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“The dominant capitalo-centric framing and imagining of the economic landscapes of the western world overlooks and underplays the central roles that ‘non-capitalist’ forms of economic organisation perform in everyday life. The central role that these ‘non-capitalist’ work practices play has been seen through research undertaken via Time Bank Surveys, and Households Work Practice Surveys. At the household and community level in particular the prominence of non-economic rationales (love, pleasure, enjoyment) that motivate individuals to engage in the domestic activities explored, can be seen interpreted – through an anarchistsquint – as examples of anarchy in action.” p. 961-962 ()


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Future of Work, Capitalism, Anarchism

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