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"Who's My Manager? Surveillance by AI Leads to Perceived Privacy Invasion and Resistance Practices"

by Schlund, Rachel; Zitek, Emily (2021)


Within the last few decades, we have witnessed a dramatic rise in the use of AI surveillance technology in organizations. In this paper, we answer calls from management scholars to investigate the impact of this new aspect of managerial oversight on manager-worker dynamics. Focusing on employees? perceptions of privacy invasion, we investigate in five experimental studies whether these differ when employees are monitored and evaluated by AI technology instead of a human. We demonstrate that employees perceive their privacy is invaded to a greater extent when AI surveillance technology monitors them as opposed to human managers (Studies 1-4). We further assess downstream consequences of perceived privacy invasion (Studies 1-2b), explore mechanisms that explain the relationship between monitoring form (AI surveillance technology vs. human managers) and perceived privacy invasion (Study 3), and investigate ways to attenuate the effect (Study 4). Throughout these studies, we extend prior theory to provide insight into the implications of the increasing use of AI surveillance technology in organizations.


Automation, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Algorithmic Management, Surveillance, Resistance, Privacy



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