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"A systematic review of AI technology-based service encounters: Implications for hospitality and tourism operations"

by Li, Minglong; Yin, Dexiang; Qiu, Hailian; Bai, Billy (2021)


The hospitality and tourism industry faces serious challenges during public health emergencies such as COVID-19. Managers are concerned not only about how to maintain business and provide humanized services but also about social distancing. This study presented artificial intelligence (AI) technology-based service encounters as a possible solution and examined the antecedents and consequences of the encounter triad including customers, employees, and AI. Based on a systematic literature review, the study identified 4 modes of AI technology-based service encounters: AI-supplemented, AI-generated, AI-mediated, and AI-facilitated encounters. In addition, the study developed an integrated model to specify the factors that influence AI technology-infused service encounters in general and the customer service outcomes that result from the encounters. The findings contribute to service management and AI application theoretically and practically.


Service Encounter, Artificial Intelligence, Service Experience, Public Health, Covid-19, Customer Service


AI in Service Industries, Automation

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