For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Global Trends Shaping the World of Work"

by Kofler, Ingrid; Innerhofer, Elisa; Marcher, Anja; Gruber, Mirjam; Pechlaner, Harald (2020)


Technology and demographic change are major trends influencing the present and future of work. Since their inception, digitization, automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have had an impact on work practices. While some activities and roles have been automated by machines and—increasingly—affected by algorithms, new tasks are arising and the labor market is changing. With demographic changes such as the aging and shrinking of industrialized societies and youth bulges and growing populations in emerging markets, national labor markets will be challenged. Migration, feminization and urbanization are subdevelopments affecting work. This chapter offers a macro view of current trends embracing the future of work and talents.


Robots, Job Destruction, Technological Unemployment, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Technology


Robots, Automation

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