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"A Workplace Dignity Perspective on Resilience: Moving beyond Individualized Instrumentalization to Dignified Resilience"

by Bal, Matthijs; Kordowicz, Maria; Brookes, Andy; Others, (2020)


Resilience discourses in society and the contemporary workplace tend to emphasize the self directed nature of resilience and the imposed demand for resilience for survival in the contemporary labor market. In this article, the anchoring point of resilience is analyzed when conceptualized within a neoliberal and self-directed ideology. Subsequently, it offers an alternative anchoring point through a dignity-perspective on resilience, through which the term is reinterpreted in a new meaning.This article offers scholars, practitioners and policy-makers insights into how resilience can be conceptualized and used in practice. Analyzing resilience through a dignity lens provides new meanings and more effective uses of resilience in society and the contemporary workplaces.


Dignity, Empirical Research, Resilience, Social Theory


Organisation and Management Studies, Goods of Work

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