For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Post-Work, Post-Capitalism and the Fourth Industrial Revolution"

by Avis, James (2020)


The chapter addresses arguments about Italian Workerism, post-capitalism, post-work, universal basic income and the politics of abundance. It moves beyond current conceptualisations of the fourth Industrial Revolution (4th IR) to develop a politically informed analysis that can inform a critical, if not transformative praxis. Labour market analysts refuse the suggestion that labour is being expelled from paid employment. There is a tension between those who experience and bemoan precariousness, intermittent and under-employment and those for whom all of life is centred around work. For some this had led to their expulsion from waged labour, whilst for others it has led to its intensification. The 4th IR is presented as inevitable, silencing the manner in which it relates to the development of capitalism and its articulation with class struggle. The chapter calls for an expansive understanding of both class and vocational education and training.


Post-Work, Post-Work Society, Social Organisation, Social Theory, Employment, Work Society, Work Centrality, The Value Of Work


Post-Work Society, Capitalism

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