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"Moving the AI needle"

by Abel, Hendrik; Kleipaß, Ulrich (2020)


Summary The healthcare sector is one of the biggest digital data providers, accounting for one third of global digital data volumes. This chapter aims to identify relevant artificial intelligence (AI) use cases that really move the needle for health insurers and give an overview on key strategic imperatives to derive an AI strategy that can best utilize their untapped data treasures. A wealth of use cases for AI has emerged that are gaining increasing traction both outside and inside health insurance. In general, use cases can be classified into three different levels: standard AI solutions, tailor-made AI solutions, and explainable AI solutions. There is no right or wrong approach; however, health insurers need to start treating AI as a strategic asset that can help them in achieving their overall strategic goals. The chapter provides a four-step approach that can help decision-makers find the right starting point, and to plot a way forward.


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AI and Healthcare, Automation

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