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"Contributive Justice: An Exploration of a Wider Provision of Meaningful Work"

by Timmermann, Cristian (2018)


Extreme inequality of opportunity leads to a number of social tensions, inefficiencies and injustices. One issue of increasing concern is the effect inequality is having on people’s fair chances of attaining meaningful work, thus limiting opportunities to make a significant positive contribution to society and reducing the chances of living a flourishing life and developing their potential. On a global scale, we can observe an increasingly uneven provision of meaningful work, raising a series of ethical concerns that need detailed examination. The aim of this article is to explore the potential of a normative framework based upon the idea of contributive justice to defend a fairer provision of meaningful work.


Deskilling, Human Flourishing, Social Justice, Knowledge Economy, Intellectual Labour, Poverty, Contributive Justice, Well-Being, Meaningful Work, Discrimination, Capabilities, Ethics


Contributive Justice

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