For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Good work? Sustainable work and sustainable development: a critical gender perspective from the Global North"

by Littig, Beate (2018)


Work has just recently been recognized as an important topic in the discourse of development. But often it stays unclear how work is related to issues of gender equality, an indispensable goal of sustainable development from its start. The article explores how gender and work is addressed in three approaches to work and sustainable development, which are currently discussed in the German language literature on this topic: in the current mainstream concept of the green economy and green jobs, in alternative concepts of degrowth or postgrowth societies and in eco-feminist concepts of caring societies. The critical discussion of these approaches leads to the argument that a fundamental reassessment and reorganization of the critical society-nature relationship and consequently a new conceptualization of sustainable work is needed.

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Degrowth, Sustainability, Gender, Equality, German, Ecofeminism, Green Economy, Green Jobs



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