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"Why Not Robot Teachers: Artificial Intelligence for Addressing Teacher Shortage"

by Edwards, Bosede I; Cheok, Adrian D (2018)


ABSTRACTGlobal teacher shortage is a serious concern with grave implications for the future of education. This calls for novel ways of addressing teacher roles. The economic benefits of tireless labor inspires the need for teachers who are unlimited by natural human demands, highlighting consideration for the affordances of robotics and Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED) as currently obtainable in other areas of human life. This however demands designing robotic personalities that can take on independent teacher roles despite strong opinions that robots will not be able to fully replace humans in the classroom of the future. In this article, we argue for a future classroom with independent robot teachers, highlighting the minimum capabilities required of such personalities in terms of personality, instructional delivery, social interaction, and affect. We describe our project on the design of a robot teacher based on these. Possible directions for future system development and studies are highlighted.

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Artificial Intelligence, Education Work, Academia, Teaching, Machine Learning, Humanities, Higher Education


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