For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Technology, innovation, employment and power: Does robotics and artificial intelligence really mean social transformation?"

by Boyd, Ross; Holton, Robert J (2018)


How far do recent innovations in robotics and artificial intelligence herald an unprecedented economic and social transformation? This article provides a critical evaluation of this question, challenging the relentless technological determinism of much debate, and reframing the issues involved within a political-economic and sociological approach. This focuses on the economic, political and historical dynamics of technological innovation, and its consequences for employment and economic re-structuring, mediated through sovereign and discursive power. A range of epistemological and empirical problems with the transformationist position are identified, and an alternative perspective proposed emphasizing complexity and uncertainty around contemporary and future trends.


Medicine, Emloyment, Health Work, Social Transformation, Innovation, Tecnology, Artificial Intelligence



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