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Beyond Genuine Stupidity: Ensuring AI Serves Humanity

by Talwar, Rohit; Wells, Steve; Whittington, Alexandra; Koury, April; Romero, Maria (2017)


The first book in the Fast Future series, Beyond Genuine Stupidity: Ensuring AI Serves Humanity, explores critical emerging issues arising from the rapid pace of development in artificial intelligence (AI). The authors argue for a forward-looking and conscious approach to the development and deployment of AI to ensure that it genuinely serves humanity's best interest. Through a series of articles, they present a compelling case to get beyond the genuine stupidity of narrow, short-term and alarmist thinking and look at AI from a long-term holistic perspective. The reality is that AI will impact current sectors and jobs—and hopefully enable new ones. A smart approach requires us to think about and experiment with strategies for adopting and absorbing the impacts of AI—encompassing education systems, reskilling the workforce, unemployment and guaranteed basic incomes, robot taxes, job creation, encouraging new ventures, research and development to enable tomorrow's industries, and dealing with the mental health impacts. The book explores the potential impacts on sectors ranging from healthcare and automotive to legal and education. The implications for business itself are also examined from leadership and HR to sales and business ethics.


Artificial Intelligence, Technology, Healthcare, Automotive Industries, Buisiness Ethics


Algocracy, AI and Law, Automation

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