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"Teacherbot: interventions in automated teaching"

by Bayne, Sian (2015)


Promises of ?teacher-light? tuition and of enhanced ?efficiency? via the automation of teaching have been with us since the early days of digital education, sometimes embraced by academics and institutions, and sometimes resisted as a set of moves which are damaging to teacher professionalism and to the humanistic values of education itself. However, both the embrace and the resistance can be seen to be anchored in a humanistic orientation to the project of education which recent work in the theory of critical posthumanism draws into question. Working within the broad frame of critical posthumanism, this paper will revisit the notion of teacher automation in higher education, exploring how as teachers we might enact new, resistant ways of playing at the boundaries of the human and machine.

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Artificial Intelligence, Higher Education, Machine Learning, Teacherbots, Teaching, Academia


AI and Education

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