For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Accumulation and time: Marx’s historiography from the Grundrisse to Capital"

by Tomba, Massimiliano (2013)


This article investigates the way in which Marx combines different historiographical approaches in order to draft the possibility for both new forms of social relationship and a new anthropology. The classic unilinear and historicist paradigm and its idea of pre-modern, pre-capitalist and pre-political social forms does not help in understanding the interaction of different temporalities and the combination of formal and real subsumptions. The representation of ongoing accumulation requires different temporalities, which conflict and intertwine with one another.


Machines, Marx, Marx Machine, Technology, Capitalism, History, Historical Temporality, Anthropology, Eurocentrism, European Context, Accumulation, Colonialism, Violence, Subsumption, Pre-Capitalism, Accumulation, Historical Materialism, Historiography


On Marx on Machines

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