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"Callings, Work Role Fit, Psychological Meaningfulness and Work Engagement among Teachers in Zambia"

by Rothmann, S; Hamukang’andu, L (2013)


Our aim in this study was to investigate the relationships among a calling orientation, work role fit, psychological meaningfulness and work engagement of teachers in Zambia. A quantitative approach was followed and a cross-sectional survey was used. The sample (n = 150) included 75 basic and 75 secondary school teachers in the Choma district of Zambia. The Work Role Fit Scale, Work-Life Questionnaire, Psychological Meaningfulness Scale, and Work Engagement Scale were administered. Structural equation modelling confirmed a model in which a calling orientation impacted psychological meaningfulness and work engagement significantly. A calling orientation impacted work engagement directly, while such work orientation impacted psychological meaningfulness indirectly via work role fit. The results suggest that it is necessary to address the work orientation and work role fit of teachers in Zambia as pathways to psychological meaningfulness and work engagement.These results have implications for the recruitment, selection, training, and development of teachers in Zambia.Keywords: Africa, calling, engagement, meaning, teachers, work role fit


Meaningful Work, Meaning Of Work, Well-Being, Psychology, Happiness, Work Engagement, African Context, Teaching, Education, Calling, Vocation


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