For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

Nature, History, State

by Heidegger, Martin (2013)

Key Passage

rule and authority together with service and subordination are grounded in a common task. Only where the leader and the led bind themselves together to one fate and fight to actualize one idea does true order arise. Then spiritual superiority and freedom develop as a deep dedication of all forces to the people, the state, as the most rigorous breeding, as engagement, endurance, solitude, and love. Then the existence and superiority of the leader sinks into the Being, the soul of the people, and binds it in this way with originality and passion to the task. And if the people feels this dedication, it will let itself be led into struggle, and it will love struggle and will it. It will develop and persist in its forces, be faithful and sacrifice itself. In every new moment, the leader and the people will join more closely in order to bring about the essence of their state, that is, their Being; growing with each other, they will set their meaningful historical Being and will against the two threatening powers of death and the devil—that is, ruination and decline from their own essence (p.49)


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Nature, History, State



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