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"Accountability, Democracy, and Post-growth: Civil Society Rethinking Political Economy and Finance"

by Fioramonti, Lorenzo; Thümler, Ekkehard (2013)


Since the fall of the investment bank Lehman Brothers, the economic downturn has taken a heavy toll on many countries. In the public and academic discourse on necessary remedies and reforms, the spotlight is on the role of political elites and business. The actual and potential role of civil society is hardly mentioned in these debates. Yet, it is within civil society that an alternative paradigm and fundamental rethinking of conventional wisdom may emerge. In this collection, we present three different ways to frame the crisis and explore the corresponding roles of civil society actors: Reinforcing public accountability, regaining democracy, and exploring post-growth scenarios. Our goal is to investigate the potentially transformative role of civil society in order to reflect on possible paths towards social change that are not merely remedial but also (re-)constructive in nature.

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Degrowth, Democracy, Accountability, Democratic Theory, Civil Society, Economics, Political Economics



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