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Durkheim: The Division of Labour in Society

by Durkheim, Emile (2013)


Arguably sociology's first classic and one of Durkheim's major works, The Division of Labour in Society studies the nature of social solidarity, exploring the ties that bind one person to the next so as to hold society together in conditions of modernity. In this revised and updated second edition, leading Durkheim scholar Steven Lukes' new introduction builds upon Lewis Coser's original – which places the work in its intellectual and historical context and pinpoints its central ideas and arguments – by focusing on the text's significance for how we ought to think sociologically about some central problems that face us today. For example:What does this text have to tell us about modernity and individualism? In what ways does it offer a distinctive critique of the ills of capitalism? With helpful introductions and learning features this remains an indispensable companion for students of sociology.


Durkheim, Division Of Labour, Sociology


Durkheim, Roman Collegia

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