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"I only need her uterus: Neo-liberal Discourses on Transnational Surrogacy"

by Kroløkke, Charlotte Halmø; Pant, Saumya (2012)


The authors analyse how reproduction in the Scandinavian countries has gone global and intersects with neo-liberal reproductive practices. Of particular interest is how neo-liberal discourses are constructed in Scandinavian and Indian biopolitical and bioethical debates on surrogacy as well as how they are produced and negotiated by different reproductive actors in cases of transnational surrogacy in India. The multi-sited and cross-cultural empirical approach employed in this article brings the concept of neo-liberalism into dialogue with reproductive assistants or workers such as intended parents, surrogates, and clinical directors. To engage the global assemblage of neo-liberalism and reproductive technologies, the authors develop the concept of “repropreneurs”, illustrating how the individuals involved employ rational and reflexive, individualist and collective, as well as affective and resistant responses to the experiences of surrogacy.


Surrogacy, Mothering, Maternal Work, Motherhood, Neoliberalism, Scandinavian Context, European Context, Repropreneurs, Reproduction, Reproductive Labour, Indian Context, South Asian Context, Transnational Surrogacy, Feminism, Feminist Studies, Affective Labour



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