For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Work and Subjectivity: Towards a Philosophical Anthropology From the Psychopathology to the Psychodynamics of Work"

by Dejours, C (2012)


This essay was originally published to explain the theoretical bases of the psychodynamics of work. The use of specific designation aimed at obtaining the scientific communities recognition of the legitimacy and originality within the work sciences. Stemming from research on the mental pathologies related to work, the psychodynamics of work constitutes a wider field of investigation and research that the psychopathology of work which emerged in France in the 1950s. The broadening of the question has undoubtedly resulted from interdisciplinary comparisons within clinical approaches to suffering, as well as the social sciences.


Dejours, Psychodynamics Of Work, Psychopathologies Of Work, Philosophical Anthropology, Anthropology, Subjectivity


Dejours, Christophe, Psychological Centrality of Work

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