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Kantian Business Ethics: Critical Perspectives

by Arnold, Denis Gordon; Harris, Jared D (2012)


In this original collection of essays, a group of distinguished scholars critically examine the ethical dimensions of business using the Kantian themed business ethics of Norman E. Bowie as a jumping off point. The authors engage Bowie’s influential body of scholarship as well as contemporary themes in business, including topics such as: the normative foundations of capitalism; the applicability of Kantian ethics, virtue ethics, and pragmatism in normative business ethics; meaningful work; managerial ethics; the ethics of high leverage finance capitalism; business ethics and corporate social responsibility; and responsibility for the natural environment. The contributors to this volume include both scholars sympathetic to Bowie’s Kantian business ethics and scholars critical of that perspective.


Ethics, Morality, Business Ethics, Kant, Capitalism, Virtue, Virtue Ethics, Pragmatism, Meaningful Ethics, Managerialism


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