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"Individual Differences in Meaning-making: Considering the Variety of Sources of Meaning, Their Density and Diversity"

by Schnell, Tatjana (2011)


By employing a multi-dimensional inventory of sources of meaning (SoMe), individual differences in meaning-making are analysed. Sources of meaning as well as their density and diversity are related to experienced meaningfulness. It is hypothesised that sources of meaning are not functionally equivalent. Density and diversity are expected to relate positively to experienced meaningfulness. Drawing on a representative sample (N=603), functional equivalence of sources of meaning is indeed refuted. Generativity is established as the most powerful predictor of meaningfulness. Meaningfulness increases significantly with density and diversity of sources of meaning; the relationship between density and meaningfulness is largely mediated by diversity. Findings indicate that commitment to numerous, diverse, and, especially, selftranscendent sources of meaning enhances the probability of living a meaningful life.


Meaningful Work, Meaning Of Work, Well-Being, Psychology, Happiness, Diversity, Generativity


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