For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Maux du travail: dégradation, recomposition ou illusion?"

by Lallement, Michel; Marry, Catherine; Loriol, Marc; Molinier, Pascale; Gollac, Michel; Marichalar, Pascal; Martin, Emmanuel (2011)


In recent years, the attention of French public opinion has been focused on the noxious effects of new ways of organizing work. Stress, “suffering”, burnout, psychosocial risks and suicides are topics that have brought experts, the media and politicians into action. What do the social sciences have to say about this? Among the several reactions presented, the principal contrast arises between those who analyze the ills of work as “social constructions” and those who see them as the implications of a trend toward intensifying job-related activities.


Molinier, Lallement, Sociology, Psychology, Psychodynamics, Occupational Health, Pathologies Of Work, Stress, Suffering, Suicide, Labour Union, Union, French Context



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