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"La personnalisation de la relation de domination au travail : les ouvrières des maquilas et les employées domestiques en Amérique latine"

by Borgeaud-Garciandia, Natacha; Lautier, Bruno (2011)


The continent of South America is characterized by a huge diversity in the forms of employment and labor relations prevalent there. The comparison between two situations which would appear to be unrelated, that of workers in the maquiladoras of Central America and domestic employment in the continent’s southern cone, enables us to highlight the centrality of hierarchical labor relations and the personalization of domination, a dimension too often neglected in studies of domination linked to work. The article begins with a presentation of these two work environments. It then goes on to address the personalization of domination relations, examining the hypothesis that, far from being a characteristic of certain “archaic” forms of work and employment, paternalism is in fact a dimension deeply rooted in the most contemporary and dynamic modes of labor relations, both in the “North” and in the “South”.


Domination, Work, Maquiladoras, Domestic Labour, Paternalism, Central American Context, South American Context, Gendered Work



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