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"The Big Words and Our Work: Peace, Women, and the Everyday"

by Barlow, Tani (2011)


Abstract One of the questions before us is how to knit the big words?such as peace, human security, gender, and justice?into the routines of everyday life. How is it possible to put these words around a quotidian experience so indentured to violence, war, and predatory capitalism and to the brutal commodity life and the normalization of human suffering that accompany them? The deceptively simple question of gender and everyday life and the project of examining how gender can be used as a category of analysis in peace work poses for me, at least, the general problem of how these words, big words, can be renewed. I argue that in fact the PeaceWomen project, of gathering and disseminating stories about the one thousand worthy women of peace, renews the words, reformatting them with unexpected content.

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Feminism, Gender, Capitalism, Suffering, Commodity, Commodification


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