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"Beyond Dis-identification: A Discursive Approach to Self-alienation in Contemporary Organizations"

by Costas, Jana; Fleming, Peter (2009)


Dis-identification is now an important research area in organization studies investigating how employees subjectively distance themselves from managerial domination by constructing identities considered more `authentic'. But how should we understand situations where actors become aware that their putative`real' selves are paradoxically unreal and foreign? We draw inspiration from the concept of self-alienation to explain experiences beyond dis-identification, where actors perceive the truth of themselves (`who I really am') as alien. An empirical study of a global management consultancy firm demonstrates how a discursive and non-essentialist understanding of self-alienation might usefully capture this experience of identity. Three causes of self-alienation are proposed and we discuss their significance in relation to identity and authenticity in contemporary organizations.

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Human Relations, Organisation Studies, Authenticity, Subjectivity, Psychology, Identity, Alienation, Empirical Study, Field Work, Sociology


Organisation and Management Studies

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