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"Work-based resources as moderators of the relationship between work hours and satisfaction with work-family balance"

by Valcour, Monique (2007)


This study reports an investigation of the relationships of work hours, job complexity, and control over work time to satisfaction with work-family balance. Based on data from a sample of 570 telephone call center representatives, a moderated hierarchical regression analysis revealed that work hours were negatively related to satisfaction with work-family balance, consistent with the resource drain perspective. Job complexity and control over work time were positively associated with satisfaction with work-family balance. Control over work time moderated the relationship such that as work hours rose, workers with low control experienced a decline in work-family balance satisfaction, while workers with high control did not. Results encourage greater research attention to work characteristics, such as job complexity and control over work time, and skills that represent resources useful to the successful integration of work and family demands.


Satisfaction, Work Life Balance, Working Hours, Work Resources, Family, Call Centres, Job Complexity, Psychology, Work Complexity


Psychological Centrality of Work

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