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The Dictionary of Alternatives: Utopianism and Organization

by Parker, Doctor Martin; Fournier, Valerie; Reedy, Patrick (2007)


'There is no alternative to free market liberalism and managerialism', is the orthodoxy of the twenty-first century. All too often, ordinary people across the world are being told that the problem of organization is already solved, or that it is being solved somewhere else, or that it need not concern them because they have no choices. This dictionary provides those who disagree with the evidence. Using hundreds of entries and cross-references, it proves that there are many alternatives to the way that we currently organize ourselves. These alternatives could be expressed as fictional utopias, they could be excavated from the past, or they could be described in terms of the contemporary politics of anti-corporate protest, environmentalism, feminism and localism. Part reference work, part source book, and part polemic, this dictionary provides a rich understanding of the ways in which fiction, history and today's politics provide different ways of thinking about how we can and should organize for the coming century.


Utopia, Liberalism, Managerialism, Alternative Organisation, Activism, Environmentalism, Feminism, Localism


Political Theory, Organisation and Management Studies

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