For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"The Counter Culture of Organisation: Towards a Cultural Studies of Representations of Work"

by Parker, Martin (2006)


This paper explores the culture and counter culture of organisation through the analysis of a range of work related satirical artefacts. It argues that this is a cultural domain that has been neglected by both theorists of work and theorists of leisure, and that this is in part because it lies awkwardly between both disciplines. An argument is made that these artefacts could be studied by employing a “cultural studies” of organisation that revived the attempt to blur the boundaries between culture and economy. The paper concludes with some reflections on the sorts of cultural claims that might be implicitly made by Business School academics working in this area.

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Counterculture, Leisure, Cultural Studies, Culture, Satire, Film, Literature


Critical Management Studies

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