For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"What Change in French Firms? The Impact of Structural Change on French Industry"

by Linhart, Danièle (1993)


The distinction which exists between two levels within firms (the organization of production on one hand, and the internal functioning of the firm on the other) reveals a widening gap between the two. Work organization stricto sensu is barely changing and remains governed by Taylorian principles, whilst the internal functioning of firms is oriented towards improved management of interfaces and interactions between the different functions. The workers' role on these two levels-passive on the former, participatory on the latter-places them astride this this gap in a way which could create serious problems for the future.


Linhart, Sociology, Meaning Of Work, Blue Collar Work, Female Work, Management, Female Blue Collar Work, Firms, French Context



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