For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

The Inoperative Community

by Nancy, Jean-Luc (1991)

Key Passage

The work - be it what we designate as "a work" or be it the community presenting itself as work (and the one is always in the other, and can be made into capital, made profitable by the  other, or else exposed again) - must be offered up for communication. This does not mean that the work must be "communicable": no form of intelligibility or transmissibility is required of it. It is not a  matter of a message: neither a  book nor a  piece of music nor a  people  is, as  such, the vehicle or the mediator of a message. The function of the message concerns society; it does not take place in community.  (p.73)


Philosophy, Community, Mythology, Communism, Literature, Love, Divinity, Individuality, Communication


The Inoperative Community, Nancy Citations

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