For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

The Inoperative Community

by Nancy, Jean-Luc (1991)

Key Passage

But ecstasy comes at a price: at the risk of being nothing more than an erotic or fascist work of death, ecstasy passes through the inscription of finitude and its communication. Which is to say that it also presupposes, necessarily, works (literary, political, etc.). But what is inscribed, and what passes to the limit in inscribing itself, exposes and communicates itself  (instead of trying to accomplish a meaning, like speech): what is shared is the unworking of works. (p.39)


Philosophy, Community, Mythology, Communism, Literature, Love, Divinity, Individuality, Communication


The Inoperative Community, Nancy Citations

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Connor, P.; Garbus, L.; Holland, M.; Sawhney, S.



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