For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

The Inoperative Community

by Nancy, Jean-Luc (1991)

Key Passage

Not that totalitarianism was already present,  as such, in Marx: this would be a  crude proposition, one that remains  ignorant of the strident protest against  the destruction of community that in Marx continuously parallels the  Hegelian attempt to bring  about a  totality, and that thwarts or displaces this  attempt. But the schema of betrayal  is  seen to be untenable  in that il was  the very  basis of the  communist  ideal that ended up  appearing  most problematic: namely, human beings defined as  producers (one might even add: human beings defined at  all),  and  fundamentally  as the  producers of their own essence in  the form of their labor or their work. (p.2)


Philosophy, Community, Mythology, Communism, Literature, Love, Divinity, Individuality, Communication


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