For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

Critique of Economic Reason

by Gorz, André (1989)


Key Passage

The division of society into classes involved in intense economic activity on the one hand, and a mass of people who are marginalized or excluded from the economic sphere on the other, will allow a sub-system to develop, in which the economic elite will buy leisure time by getting their own personal tasks done for them, at low cost, by other people. The work done by personal servants and enterprises providing personal services makes more time available for this elite and improves their quality of life; the leisure time of this economic elite provides jobs, which are in most cases insecure and underpaid, for a section of the masses excluded from the economic sphere. (p.68)


Gorz, Green Movement, European Context, Capitalism, Marx, Marxism, Economic Rationality, Work Ethic, Emancipation, Leisure, Free Time, Working Hours, Wage, Universal Basic Income


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