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Michel Foucault Tel Que Je L'Imagine

by Blanchot, Maurice (1986)


The original French edition of "Michel Foucault as Iimagine him", which was published in English the following year (1987) and most famously in the 1990 collection "Foucault, Blanchot: Maurice Blanchot, the Thought from Outside"

Key Passage

"[...] ou un travailleur sans qualification, donc un je ne sais quoi ou un je ne sais qui" -[Note, this extract from the original French is absent in the English translation of the following year. Please see Vladimir Biti, The Ethical Appeal of the Indifferent (p. 375) for more on this extract and the differences between edition.  (p.17)


Blanchot, Foucault, French Language


Michel Foucault Tel Que Je L'Imagine

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