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Workers: Worlds of Labour

by Hobsbawm, Eric (1984)


Worlds of Labour is a series of studies that considers the formation and evolution of working classes in the period between the late eighteenth century and the mid-twentieth, scrutinising their 'consciousness', ways of life and the movements they generated. The emphasis throughout the study is on the way labour organisations, policies and ideas were rooted in the everyday reality of working-class life. In the process, leading Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm reveals the daily struggles of working-class militants, many of whom are still unknown to the modern world.The result is a book that is expansive in scope, but fluent and clear in detail. It will serve as a valuable source of reference to those with an academic interest in the subject, and as an inspiration to those who simply wish to discover the development of working-class movements.


Working Class, Social Class, History, Historical Context, Marx, Marxism, Marxian Historiography, Labour Movement


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