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"Discouraging Quiet Quitting: Potential Strategies for Nurses"

by Zuzelo, Patti Rager (2023)


… of professionals who may be quietly quitting . Nurse educators and … If, in fact, quiet quitting is a real phenomenon, health care … There are good reasons for workers to choose quiet quitting …

Key Passage

Klotz and Bolino rightly assert that having an engaged, committed, and “get-it-done” workforce is important to organizational success. Employers depend on workers to pitch in when extra effort is required. Organizations that rely on nurses to deliver excellent and expert care certainly rely on a motivated and committed workforce. There are many demands across health care systems for nurses willing to serve as preceptors, agreeable to overtime hours, available to stay late during emergencies, and amenable to assuming charge roles, in addition to many other leadership and professional roles and activities. (p.174)


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Quiet Quitting

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