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"Quiet Quitting: Building a Comprehensive Theoretical Framework"

by Tayfun, A; Çeti̇ner, N; Yurdakul, G (2023)


The purpose of this research is to introduce the recently popular concept of quiet quitting to organizational behavior literature. As a result of the literature review and aforementioned theories, first we defined the issue briefly. Then we classified antecedents of the problem into two groups as managerial/organizational factors and employee based factors. Similarly we decided the possible outcomes of quiet quitting and presented the ways to hande with it. On the other hand we presented three factors which have bi-directional effects of quiet quitting as both an antecedent and an outcome. We also argued that whether it is in scope of business ethics or against it.

Key Passage

[Quiet Quitting] has gained popularity in the business environment as well as in the academic field. However, it seems that the term itself is in its infancy in literature. Therefore, to define the term we benefited from all available sources, mostly online. Although there are also scientific papers discussing this term, there isn’t any theoretical background provided among them as a basis for the term. (p.132)


Quiet Quitting, Great Resignation, Loud Quitting, Worker Disengagement, Employment, Gen Z, Job Stress, Burnout, Work Life Balance


Quiet Quitting

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