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"Treating People Fairly: The Feeling that Underlies the Trends"

by Livingston, Beth A (2023)


The phenomena of "Quiet Quitting" and the "Great Resignation" reflect feelings of underappreciation and a lack of a respect at work. These are indicators of interpersonal injustice in the workplace, which can be ameliorated via the promotion of inclusive, safe, and supportive work climates. Individual employees and managers can engage in specific actions to promote feelings of interpersonal fairness at work in order to mitigate against these negative workplace trends.

Key Passage

Quiet Quitting refers to the limited commitment of employees to complete tasks above and beyond their job descriptions and has also been characterized by Gallup as a decrease in job engagement. Like the Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting is likely related to feelings of underappreciation at work. The large cultural shock of COVID-19 in the years prior to these trends being recognized may have served as a catalyst for many employees, inspiring them to rethink how they expect to be treated by their employers and how organizational climates affect their well-being. (p.575)


Quiet Quitting, Great Resignation, Loud Quitting, Worker Disengagement, Employment, Gen Z, Job Stress, Burnout, Work Life Balance


Quiet Quitting

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