For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

Experiencing the New World of Work

by Aroles, Jeremy; de Vaujany, François-Xavier; Dale, Karen (2021)


"This edited volume explores the diversity of experiences and expressions of 'new' ways of working. It includes studies of novel organisations of work around hacker and maker spaces, digital nomadism, co-working spaces, and gig and platform working. Through these studies, it reflects on and theorises continuities as well as changes, and the contradictions and ambiguities that different ways of working entail. In doing so it brings together the situated experiences of people working within these arrangements with a macro level analysis to further understand the economic, political and historical dynamics of contemporary work. The book is organised into three parts: The first part examines the immediate and embodied experiences of new ways of working. The second part explores key temporal and spatial transformations in new ways of working, in particular those activities which are more and more mediated by digital tools and platforms. The third part provides a broader critique of new ways of working, combining issues of politics, phenomenology and history. The book includes a diversity of empirical studies, utilizes a range of methods, and draws upon a plurality of concepts, lenses and theories in order to contribute to our understanding of new ways of working"--


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Sociology of Work

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