For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Purpose, Meaning, and Wellbeing at Work"

by Savvides, Effie; Stavrou, Eleni (2020)


The pursuit for finding purpose, meaning, fulfilment, and joy at work has proved to be an important consideration for the employees, the organization, and the society at large. Certain theories have focused on how people experience a calling or spiritual endeavor through a journey of self-transcendence. Various predictors of meaning at work arise from factors including the self, work orientation, task significance, and job crafting. Other predictors may be found in the development of interpersonal relations, while these relationships may have a profound effect on people’s impact at work and their personal well-being. Furthermore, meaning at work may be derived via the organization itself through factors such as its culture, values, purpose, and leadership. Purpose, meaningfulness, joy, and fulfilment at work come high on the agenda of both employers and employees. Overall, employees may be longing to fulfil a purpose concerned with reaching the ultimate level of happiness in a virtuous manner. The emphasis may also extend to the organization in terms of the value that the organization is offering to the society. Employees could then evaluate whether their personal lifelong purpose aligns to that of the organization and whether efforts portrayed in their work contribute toward their wider goals.


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