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"The Importance of Others: Marx on Unalienated Production"

by Kandiyali, Jan (2020)


Marx?s vision of unalienated production is often thought to be subject to decisive objections. This article argues that these objections rely on a misinterpretation of Marx?s position. It provides a new interpretation of Marx?s vision of unalienated production. Unlike another well-known account, it suggests that unalienated production involves realizing oneself through providing others with the goods and services they need for their self-realization. It argues that this view is appealing and that it offers a more successful response to objections than previous interpretations. In doing so, it hopes to put Marx?s concern with alienation and nonalienation back on the table.


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On Marx on Realm of Necessity, Marx on Realm of Necessity, Goods of Work

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