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"Artificial Intelligence in Health Care? Evidence from Online Job Postings"

by Goldfarb, Avi; Taska, Bledi; Teodoridis, Florenta (2020)


This paper documents a puzzle. Despite the numerous popular press discussions of artificial intelligence (AI) in health care, there has been relatively little adoption. Using data from Burning Glass Technologies on millions of online job postings, we find that AI adoption in health care remains substantially lower than in most other industries and that under 3 percent of the hospitals in our data posted any jobs requiring AI skills from 2015–2018. The low adoption rates mean any statistical analysis is limited. Nevertheless, the adoption we do observe shows that larger hospitals, larger counties, and integrated salary model hospitals are more likely to adopt.


Artificial Intelligence, Medical Technology, Empirical Study, Empirical Research, Medical Work


AI and Medicine

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