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The Sociology of Work: Continuity and Change in Paid and Unpaid Work

by Edgell, Stephen; Granter, Edward (2019)


‘Definitive, critical and engaging, this is a superb introduction to the sociology of work.’ Leo McCann, Professor of Management, University of York Now in a fully updated third edition, The Sociology of Work draws on the work of classic and contemporary theorists, to provide readers with a thorough exploration of all aspects of work and employment, including paid and unpaid work, standard and non-standard employment, and unemployment. The new edition includes: Two new chapters on “Work, Skill and the Labour Process” and “Managing Culture at Work”. Expanded coverage of the rise and decline of trade unions; emotional labour, misbehaviour, and resistance at work. Further discussion of the gig economy and precarious work; automation and the end of work; globalization and human rights. For Sociology and Business students, taking modules in work, employment and society.


Sociology, Critical Theory, Unemployment, Underemployment, Gig Economy, Precarious Work, Automation, The End Of Work


Sociology of Work

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