For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"The impact of work alienation on organizational health: A field study in health sector"

by Özer, Özlem; Uğurluoğlu, Özgür; Saygılı, Meltem; Sonğur, Cuma (2019)


ABSTRACTThis study aims to examine the impact of work alienation on organizational health. The implementation of the research is conducted on the nurses and physicians working in a public hospital and the data collected from 388 people are evaluated. As a result of the analyses carried out, work alienation?s subdimensions and correlations with organizational health are moderate in the negative direction and the subdimensions of perception of work alienation explain the 21.5% of total variance on organizational health. When the test results of regression coefficient significance in the regression model are analyzed, increasing levels of powerlessness and self-estrangement of the participants decrease the perception of organizational health statistics. Order of relative importance predictor variables on the organizational health level is such as powerlessness, self-estrangement, and meaninglessness.


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